Abram Deyo

I have a few rules.

1) all the photos and posters on here are ones I did....for better or for worse.

2) All photographs are shot with film

3) If the photo is color, I shot it in color. If the photo is b/w, I shot it in black and white.

4) I don't do 'effects' if there is some weird lines or vintage effect it was because the film developer messed up the film, or I fucked up.

5) I don't like cropping - occasionally the side is trimmed a tiny, tiny bits.

6) I like 6x6 and 6x12 cameras.

7) Fuck Instagram.

If any one happens to be in Shanghai, bored and wanting to see photos from Idaho…head to Studio Timeless on Changle Rd where I have an impromptu exhibit up.


  • 16 June 2012
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